Jewelry Care



Due to the nature of the metals used in these pieces, they may tarnish over time. To bring back the original shine, you can either use a polishing cloth to buff it up, or use a toothbrush with lemon juice, baking soda and warm water. 

To help prevent tarnish, please store jewelry in a dry and safe place. Avoid exposing to humidity and moisture. We know that everyone treats their jewelry differently. Some people wear it on occasion and some people wear it everyday. We love that our customers want to wear our pieces all the time! Here are a few tips to keep your piece in good condition. We recommend removing jewelry before showering, exercising or swimming in a pool. Please put on jewelry after applying lotion, perfumes and oils. 

Please keep in mind that some types of metal (brass) react differently with people's skin. Many of our pieces are made in gold filled. We always use sterling silver posts for all of the earrings. Please email us with any questions regarding materials. 


To clean, use warm water and soap and a soft cloth, rinse and wipe dry. Never use cleaners that are chemical or alcohol base on acrylic, the chemicals will react to the material and permanently damage the piece. Acrylic is strong but can scratch so when traveling be sure to store in a soft bag or protect pouch. 


Please treat these pieces with love and wear with care. Thank you!