HEY MURPHY is a jewelry collection produced by designer Sarah Murphy. Each piece is hand fabricated in her East Austin studio. The collections are comprised of minimal, sculptural designs for everyday wear. With a background in fine art and a love for travel, the pieces are inspired by the arts, modern design and the appreciation of the collected/curated object. Hey Murphy has recently added decorative home goods and art objects to their ever-evolving line. 

Sarah Murphy has been involved in the arts since childhood. Growing up in Washington, DC, she was exposed to a thriving arts community and some of the world's best museums. She graduated from Bard College, in 2007 with a major in Fine Art Photography. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two dogs. 

She splits her time between as the art director for Bell & Bird, managing the Feliz Sale, a bi-annual designers market, and running Hey Murphy Jewelry.  


Photograph by Alison Marlborough